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DECEMBER, 2001    (Chapter Home Page Click here)
General Meeting : January 16, 2002
Quality Resort - Mission Room - upstairs
875 Hotel Circle South Map

Upcoming Meetings

General Meeting: Jan. 16th
Board:      Jan 2 Location
Region 7 Table Top: Jan. 5
BORD Meeting: Feb. 22
Western P/S Show: Feb. 7-9

11/21 General Mtg. Minutes
12/5 Board Mtg. Minutes
ContinuingEd. Form
Calendar of Events

President's Message
To those of you who did not attend the Installation dinner/casino night because you envisioned the typical empty dance floor, subdued conversations around the dinner tables and early departures for home, you missed out big time. Those individuals fortunate to attend were rarely seen at the dinner tables once the gambling tables opened~for business. I have never seen anything like it since I joined the chapter. A big thank you to John Baldwin and Mike Anderson for their hard work in organizing the event.

Thank you Mike Gregg, Marc Stewart, John Nichol and John Silcox. I appreciate and respect each of you. I also would like to recognize the commiffee members. I encourage the membership to take a moment and thank the above individuals for a job well done.

Thank you for your friendship and support over the past two years. Happy Holidays.


Jan 4, 2002 Table Top Golf Tournament
Admiral Baker Golf Course
Friars Road & Admiral Baker Rd.
Jan 5, 2002 Region 7 Table Top
Quality Resort - Mission Valley
Jan. 16, 2002 General Meeting
Quality Resort - Mission Room
Feb. 7-9, 2002 Western Pool & Spa Show
Long Beach

November 21, 2001 General Meeting

Called to order 7:08 PM 

Greeters: David Jaszczak

There were 73 members and 7 guests in attendance.

Introduction of Guests

Daniel Charland of American Leak Detection, Mark Bahnmiller of Superior Pool Products-San Diego, Red Barrett of SCP, William Stapleton of Like New Pools, prospective members John Balster and Honorary Member Dick Church

Guest Speakers

Secretary's Report

October General meeting minutes and November Board meeting minutes were accepted as printed.

Treasurer's Report

We're looking good financially.  See the financial report in the printed Skimmer.

Guest Speaker - None

President's Report

Jon Rumble will negotiate next years contract with Quality Inn. The monthly meeting room rate has been raised to $225.00.

Vice President's Report

Prospective member John Balster was voted in as a new member. Congratulations John!

Sun Trek and SDG&E renewed as chapte supporters.


Sick Leave

Dee Eakright will be out for another four weeks. Stephen Heyer went out Nov.21st and will be out for about six to eight weeks.

Blood Drive

The following people donated blood today:


Thanks to those members for helping a good cause. Thanks also to Mark Bahnmiller of SD Superior and Red Barrett of SCP.

The five $100.00 raffle prizes went to Paul Williams, Tom Graham, Jeff Waters, John Baldwin and Jon MeArthur. Congratulations!!!!

Chapter Advisor 


The Installation Dinner Dance will be held at the Admiral Kidd Club on Dec. 8th. Please RSVP. We need a head count.

Continuing Education

Bill Peck received a check for attending the Pentair course.
Red Cross CPR renewal course will be held on the morning of Dec. 8th.

Public Relations

Manufacturing Rebate 

Product Testing

Unfinished Business

TABLE TOP JANUARY 5th. See the flyer.

Chapter Elections were held tonight and the results were:

President - John Nichol
Vice Pres - Jim Bradbury
Treasurer - Geoff Conradi
Secretary - Paul Grimes

New Business

A motion was made to make attending the Table Top in January count as meeting your quarterly attendance requirement. (i.e. you must attend one meeting per quarter). There was quite a bit of discussion. The motion was defeated.

B.K. Taylor nominations were held. Nominees were Bob Fowler, Tom Gharib and Russ Hargrove. Bob Fowler was elected as the representative for the San Diego chapter. Congratulations and good luck Bob.

Good Of The Order

SDG&E pump rebate program ends December 1st.


$50.00 Jeff Waters

$25.00 Mike Gregg

Adjournment: 8:19p.m.


The following members passed the Water Chemistry Certification Test:

John Baldwin, Bob Benton, Phil Caistaldi, Mark Curran, Ken Curtis, Joe DiAnna, Scott Dominiak, Pat Farrlor, George Goodall, Joseph Lerma, Perry Mediate, Jack Pena, Wayne Sakamoto and Stan Shepard.

If you have not taken the Water Chemistry Certification test in 2001, there are just a few of you. Please take the test on January 5th, 2002 at the Table Top. Don't make the board have to consider the possibility of expulsion!

To the Membership

During the past 8 years I have served the chapter as secretary, Education Committee Chairman, President and Past President, and after 8 years I'M TIRED! And maybe some of you are tired of seeing & hearing from me. So I'm going to take a break and let other members share the limelight. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed these positions and hope that my efforts have made this a better chapter. If John Nichol asks you to serve on a committee, I hope that you will because it is only through the willingness of our members to be involved that our chapter remains one of the best in IPSSA

John Silcox

Board Meeting - December 5, 2001
Called to order at 7:09pm
Attending: John Silcox, Mike Gregg, John Nichol, Marc Stewart, Jon Rumble, Paul Grimes, Geoff Conradi & Jim Bradbury.

Secretary's Report 

Seventeen members did not attend the Nov. mandatory meeting. All were excused absences. Six members did not attend any meetings in the 4th quarter. Peat Burke, Dale Eppard, Mike Pantoliano, Tom Richardson, Steve Suda and Terry Wehrly will receive fine letters.

There was discussion about the mandatory November meeting and the conflict it sometimes causes with the Thanksgiving holiday. A motion was made to move the mandatory meeting and the chapter elections to the month of October. There was a second and the motion passed.

Members who have not taken the water chemistry certification test during the past calendar year will receive a letter outlining the action the board intends to take.

Treasurer's Report

The Income and Expense report is in the printed Skimmner. We will have a financial review of the books this month.

Vice President's Report

Martin Bohaty took the chapter entrance test this evening. He will have to take it again.

Brite - Tile paid their chapter supporter fee.

We are still working on a speaker for January 2002.

President's Report

There will be a BORD Installation Dinner on February 22, 2002, the chapter president and treasurer must attend.

A motion was made to sponsor a hole at the Admiral Baker Golf Tournament. There was a second and the motion passed

Congratulations to Al Daugherty for being named the Region 7 winner of the B.K. Taylor Award.



Everything is o.k. with Dee Eakrights pools and Stephen Heyer's pools. Dee hopes to be back by December 17th.

Manufacturer's Rebate

Public Relations


The next blood drive will be held on January 19th, 2002.


Continuing Education

Ten members will be attending the CPR class on Dec. 8th.

Product Testing

Unfinished Business

New Business

Mike Gregg will be responsible for Region 7 entertainment, publicity and safety.

A motion was made to send $450.00 to David Haas for his speaking fee in October.

Meeting adjourned: